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Sentral A.V.R

AVR Generator The DSR
AVR Generator The DSR
AVR Generator The DSR
AVR Generator The DSR
AVR Generator The DSR
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Sell AVR Generator The DSR

Specification of AVR Generator The DSR

Sell DSR AVR Generator

Voltage: 140-280V AC
Frequency: 50/60 Hz Nominal
Voltage: 40-270V AC
Voltage: 30V DC
Current: Continuous 4 A dc
Intermittent 12A for 10 secs
Regulation: +/- 1%

The Avr Central meets your needs in assembly, sales, and repair / service of your AVR generator. We assemble the AVR generator you need for your generator needs. Besides that, we also receive service (gasoline, diesel or silent generator).

Avr generator

Affordable prices and the best quality in Indonesia.

AVR / Automatic Voltage Regulator

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* The picture in this photo is the actual product, the details for the unit can be fully compared through the image.

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